The Mothership

Beam up, come aboard, and take a ride on this colossal craft as we traverse the wide, infinite reaches of outer space.

The Nebula

A bright light shines through the mist, emanating from a distant galaxy, illuminating celestial bodies in its sphere.

Area 51

Enter the top-secret testing grounds of Bassrush, a highly classified space for low-end activity and subterranean vibrations.

Twilight Zone

Cross over into another dimension of sound, sight, and mind, and explore the outer limits of house music.

Galactik Gate

Dreamstate SF
music cover
  • 1 Freedom Fighters Clockwork
  • 2 Simon Patterson Smack (Waio Remix)
  • 3 John Askew A Million Stars
  • 4 Neutrino The Dream
  • 5 Zyce & Morten Granau Techno Kids
  • 6 GMS, Shanti V Deedrah Techno Culture
  • 7 Symbolic Function of Time
  • 8 Bryan Kearney Adrenaline (Phanatic Remix)
  • 9 Christopher Lawrence vs. Orpheus Cosmic Dust
  • 10 Liquid Soul Wake Up
  • 11 Static Movement Namaha Shiva
  • 12 Coming soon!!! D.M.T
  • 13 Vini Vici vs. Pixel Flashback