The Mothership

Beam up, come aboard, and take a ride on this colossal craft as we traverse the wide, infinite reaches of outer space.

The Nebula

A bright light shines through the mist, emanating from a distant galaxy, illuminating celestial bodies in its sphere.

Area 51

Enter the top-secret testing grounds of Bassrush, a highly classified space for low-end activity and subterranean vibrations.

Twilight Zone

Cross over into another dimension of sound, sight, and mind, and explore the outer limits of house music.

Dreamstate SF
music cover
  • 1 Freedom Fighters Clockwork
  • 2 Simon Patterson Smack (Waio Remix)
  • 3 John Askew A Million Stars
  • 4 Neutrino The Dream
  • 5 Zyce & Morten Granau Techno Kids
  • 6 GMS, Shanti V Deedrah Techno Culture
  • 7 Symbolic Function of Time
  • 8 Bryan Kearney Adrenaline (Phanatic Remix)
  • 9 Christopher Lawrence vs. Orpheus Cosmic Dust
  • 10 Liquid Soul Wake Up
  • 11 Static Movement Namaha Shiva
  • 12 Coming soon!!! D.M.T
  • 13 Vini Vici vs. Pixel Flashback