Snavs Delivers Killer Countdown 2016 Mix

By December 28, 2016 All

SnavsCountdownMixWhen Denmark’s Snavs takes Countdown’s Bassrush-hosted Quantum stage at 5pm, seven hours before the big switch into 2017, he’s sure to not only blast fans with face-shattering bass, but he’s also got a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve.

You can hear for yourself how he fuses myriad of influences in the Countdown 2016 mix below. He bobs and weaves between tempos and styles with a deftness that has fans from around the globe flocking for more. But don’t you worry, bass fans, the mix comes packed with plenty of teeth-crunching bass drops and sinister trap synths, as if to promise, no matter where he goes, he’ll never venture too far from the low-end.

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Tickets for Countdown are available now.

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