10 Raver Resolutions for 2017

By December 27, 2016 All

As we prepare for the onslaught of “new year, new me” posts across all social media, we’re taking a moment to reflect on a whirlwind year. In order to put our collective best foot forward in the New Year, we’ve compiled 10 raver resolutions that every Headliner could and should live by. From investing in your fantasy festival to getting involved behind the scenes, we’ve come up with a few suggestions on how to make 2017 the year your rave and festival dreams become a reality.

Explore Artists or Genres You’re Not Familiar With

10raverresolutionsfor2017_explore-artistsWhen looking over any festival lineup, it becomes a game of “Who Would You Rather.” In 2017, we encourage you to shuffle into the unknown and go check out an artist(s) or genre(s) unfamiliar to you. If they made it this far onto a lineup, they’re doing something right and deserve your attention. Take the time to step outside of your comfort zone and leave room for discovery. Ring in 2017 with a fresh batch of artists to guide you into your new favorite sounds throughout the New Year.

Introduce Someone to the Rave/Festival Life

10raverresolutionsfor2017_introduce-someoneFind a rave newbie, and welcome them to your world. As ravers, we feel a strong sense of family and community with each other, something those outside of our culture might not understand. Encourage a non-raver homie to join you at a festival, introduce them to your friends and rave families, and make them feel at home. Help the rave newcomer in your life understand why raving is so much more than beats and LED lights. The beauty of ravers is that we come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s because we welcome everyone and anyone into our culture—especially first-timers.

Invest in Your Dream Festival

10raverresolutionsfor2017_investRaving is all about the experience, and in 2017, you should treat yourself to the festival you have always dreamt of. Save a little bit each week toward your dream festival, or take advantage of layaway programs. Fly first class, get your outfits on fleek, and put aside dough for room service at a hotel with a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Trust us: You’ll be needing that mattress after a full night of raving. Whether it takes you a year or a month to save, being proactive and setting a rave goal will ensure your dreams become more than just a 128-BPM fantasy.

Support Your Local Artists

10raverresolutionsfor2017_local-artistsDo your local artists play the events you attend? Do your hometown heroes deserve to be on the mainstage? Support your local artists all next year, and help them get to the next level. It’s easy: Share their music, like their posts, and let everyone in your circle know why they deserve to be on every single lineup. Promoters and bookers look directly to people like you when booking their events. The more supportive you are, the further your favorite local artists will be able to go, and the more likely you’ll be dancing in front of their mainstage-headlining set one day.

Get More Involved

10raverresolutionsfor2017_get-involvedVolunteering can be a great way to get more involved with your favorite events and organizations. Whether it’s leading up to the event or during, volunteer work will give you a behind-the-scenes look into how festivals actually work. Events and festivals are always looking for responsible helping hands to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. In addition, other ways to get involved include charity initiatives, fundraising events, and environmental and social outreach. To get involved via Insomniac, check out our annual EDC Week Charity Auction and our charitable giving initiative, Insomniac Cares, which allocates $1 per ticket transaction and $10 per guest list attendee to raise funds for worthwhile nonprofit organizations. Plus, you can sign up for Work Exchange Teams, which give you a chance to attend your favorite festival or event in exchange for working on-site for a few hours each day.

See Your Rave Family Outside of the Rave

10raverresolutionsfor2017_rave-familyThere’s nothing like bonding under pulsating beats and lasers until your feet are numb. But in 2017, try to spend time with your rave family outside of the rave as well. Make sure your rave fam knows who you really are beneath the glitter and shutter shades. Remember, your rave family has the potential to become your real family.

Actively Apply PLUR in Your Everyday Life

10raverresolutionsfor2017_PLURLooking back, the general consensus is that this year was particularly challenging. With 2017 on the horizon, and with many of us feeling fearful for what this New Year will bring, it’s important to spread the ethos of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect in everything you do, every single day. The world needs PLUR more than ever right now.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones

This past year has been particularly heartbreaking for our community. From the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub to the Ghost Ship fire, rave culture has seen more than its fair share of sorrow in 2016. Going forward, we encourage you to be aware of your surroundings at all times, look out for one another, and take care of yourself and your loved ones. If you have a bad feeling about something, speak up and let people around you know. If you see something, say something. Check out our #WeAreWideAwake initiative to see how Insomniac has taken steps to ensure your safety at our events and beyond.

Liberate Yourself

10raverresolutionsfor2017_liberateIn 2017, we want you to step outside of your comfort zone. Wear the craziest getup you can find, talk to new people at every rave you attend, and don’t be afraid to venture out to an event by yourself—you never know who or what you might find! Ravers are some of the most warm-hearted folk around, and festivals are the perfect place to make new friends, work on your social skills, and build your confidence.

Wear or Make a Festival Costume

10raverresolutionsfor2017_wear-costumeFor all you Pinteresters and DIYers out there, this one’s for you. Plan and work on an elaborate festival getup for the New Year. Get creative, get weird, and #expressyourself with a unique costume of your own design. You will be the one person everyone remembers from the hundreds of people they encountered. Dressing up shouldn’t be restricted to Halloween. Truly become yourself, or someone/thing else, with a proper costume.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team